Testimonials“Having worked with Jan in a variety of capacities over many years I am quite sure she is one of the most original and creative script consultants in the business. We began working together when she was writing her first film scripts and subsequently in the development of a production MA with very strong screen writing component at the Northern Media School and finally at European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs.

“She has developed a methodology which takes the writer on a deep and constructive journey to contact the source and strength of their work. In other words she first works on the most crucial and fundamental issue: the writer’s relationship to his/her own work. She then goes deeply into character, motivation and social context as well as structure. Through this work the writer is enabled to both de-construct and re-construct their work. Sometimes a demanding journey but one through which the writer is helped to really find themselves and their creativity as a precondition to writing a good script.

“In my experience Jan is immensely supportive of the writers and producers with whom she works and brings to them over twenty years of analytical and critical thought and passion about how to work with writers.”

Alan Fountain, Chief Executive, European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE)

“Filmbase were delighted to have worked with Jan Worth as a Script Reader on the Catalyst Project 2007. The scheme was an innovative feature film training and production programme which ultimately saw three teams of filmmakers awarded production funding of €275,000 for their low-budget feature films. Filmbase was a partner on the scheme which also involved the Irish Film Board, the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland, Screen Training Ireland, TV3 and the Arts Council.

“Despite being handed a mountain of scripts to assess with a fast approaching deadline, Jan was able to provide informative analysis and well prepared reports which were invaluable to us in our decision-making and short listing process. Throughout the whole process we found Jan to be enthusiastic, dedicated, sharp and insightful. Her reports were also requested from many of the applicants and many of them found the objective assessments of their scripts useful in re-working their projects.

“I would happily recommend Jan as a script reader and I hope that there will be more opportunities for us to work together in the future.”

Alan Fitzpatrick, Managing Director, Filmbase

“I studied under Jan Worth at MA level and her unique approach to scriptwriting equipped me with a greater understanding of story, motive but above all, of character. Under her tutelage, my protagonists found more depth, more humour and humanity. I think this is because Jan encourages you to examine yourself and your reasons for writing and so what follows is an intimate knowledge of your characters and a confidence to write their stories.”

Claire Dix, Writer and Film Maker

“I would highly recommend working with Jan. She is highly knowledgeable in her field and our scripts have developed tremendously since they began.”

John Watts,     Managing Director at JTA Media

“I have studied my MA under Jan Worth. During my study I found her a good teacher, friend and mentor. Everyone has the story to tell but you always need to know the right way of storytelling. Jan’s mentor approach of teaching showed me that way to creates depth in my storytelling. She understands the cultural differences and always encourages you to believe in yourself. It is because of Jan I was able to build the skill of content analysis and understanding of subtext. Scriptwriting is the art of discovering yourself and Jan knows how to transfer that art to her students.”

Fawwad Khan, Writer Film Maker and Senior Producer for GEO TV Network Pakistan since 2007.

“Jan Worth was my script tutor at the North East Media Training Centre in 1989/90. Her approach to character representation helped turn my first script from lazy, derivative comedy full of working class women doing obvious and awful Malapropism’s, to a funny political musical with real heart, which went on to win best student film at the RTS awards. Twenty years later and still enjoying a happy career writing for stage and television (plus winning a few more awards) the challenging push her teaching gave me has played a vital part in my professional success.”

Karin Young, Bafta-winning Emmerdale script writer, and West-End playwright (see news item)

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