One-to-One Support

Enthusiastic, dedicated, smart and insightful”

My ONE-TO-ONE support will help you to realise your writing potential and develop your script under the expert tuition of a successful writer and script consultant.

My students and protégés have accomplished great and wide ranging successes: from scripts being produced, developed and in production; through to going in to professional careers in the Industry, for example working on Channel 4, on successful dramas and soaps.

I offer comprehensive script development support tailored to your individual needs.  These services range from ongoing mentoring to one off detailed script reports.

I work in both fiction and documentary and I am happy to work with you on full draft scripts, through to first ideas and draft proposals.

All feedback is designed to provide insight in to how scripts are professionally assessed and to generate fresh ideas towards developing and refining your work.

I can meet you face to face or to work with you via email and Skype.

More details about my rates for one-to-one support.

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