The Lost Emperor news and trailer.

Below is an article about the epic progress of John Watts script ‘The Last Emperor’. I began working with John two years ago. As is common with first drafts John knew exactly what was happening with all of his many characters but needed to check that this was true for a first time reader. We agreed that there were too many characters to keep track of and that the dramatic structure needed work.

John went on to produce many more drafts and then, using his own special effects equipment, he and his colleagues created quite a spectacular trailer. The trailer was so successful he gained US backing and has just returned from negotiations in LA. I have just received his new script and am looking forward to seeing how working within the demands of Hollywood has changed it. Will keep you posted.–Derbyshires-PEAK-DISTRICT.html

John Watts’s trailer for The Lost Emperor – currently seeking investment.

Read John’s testimonial about working together here.

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